Promaps Technology has through extensive R&D projects in cooperation with our customers developed softwares that are now commercial available. Even though the methodology behind the software is general and can be used in all systems that can be characterizes by a network with flow, the software is available in the following two segments: Realtime-, study- and analytic mode for Power systems, and analytic mode for Gas flare system.

Promaps Realtime

Promaps Realtime is a simulation tool for calculation of probability for failure in power systems, including component, branch, system and power delivery reliability. The simulation tool combines a flow model of the power system with reliability models of each component in the system.

Promaps Analytic

In Promaps Analytic it is possible to make modifications of the model and do re-calculations. This enables you to easely calculate the effect about different power system actions like where and when; regarding maintenance, forest clearing, readiness planning connected to forecasted bad weather, the effect of smart grid technology, the effect of inclusion of renewable production and battery storage and more.

Promaps Opra

Promaps Opra is our risk analyzer for flare systems. Opra calculates the probability of internal pressure exceeding design limits, thus resulting in dangerous situations. Promaps Opra is designed with process view in mind, thus empowering process engineers to perform risk calculations.


By using either existing Promaps Realtime models as base case or establishing new ones for new costumers, we can make detailed reports that can be used as a basis for investment planning, operation tuning or give other valuable insights in your power grid.

About us

Promaps Technology is the first company that delivers near real time calculation of power delivery reliability of large interconnected power systems. The company’s main drive is to give insight into complex energy network for better decision support. In a faster changing world of big data, emerging technologies (like more renewable production, smart grid, machine learning, first phase AI and more extreme weather) being able to see through the complexity will be of vital importance. The company consists of experts in the fields of mathematics, cybernetics, power system, advanced data algorithms and optimizations.

The company is supported by a board with national and international business experience in running both small and large companies.

Promaps Technology AS was founded in 2016. The product portfolio is based on research and development in the area reliability and regularity in power system for the last 13 years. The combination of commercial power system analysis combined with R&D development in cooperation with grid owners has shown to be a perfect approach for reaching the goal for Realtime risk and reliability analysis of power systems for use in operation and planning of operation.

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It all started in 2002 at the university NTNU in Trondheim with a master thesis on reliability analysis of transformer station with focus on unwanted function of protection and control systems. During this work Tørris Digernes, one of the supervisor on the master thesis, discovered the possibility for using Kronecker product in combination with small Markov unit models. The combination was a perfect match for solving the dimension problem connected applying Markov models on large meshed systems.

The new mathematical method was included in Marvin Rausand's' textbook "System Reliability Theory; Models, Statistical Methods and Applications " from 2004. The textbook is used at universities all over the world, and is curriculum at MIT in USA.

In 2006 the storm Narve hit Norway and caused a lot of damages and outages in the Norwegian power system. The Norwegian authorities then challenged Statnett to be able to calculate the risk level in the power system before the bad weather hits Norway. In 2009 Statnett started an R&D project for developing simulation tool for Realtime reliability monitoring of the Norwegian power system. After 5 years of development in close cooperation with Statnett’s R&D division the first prototype of Promaps Realtime was up and running at Statnett. In 2014 the system was made ready for commercial sale and in 2015 the first contract was signed with the Norwegian DSO Hafslund, followed up by the Icelandic TSO Landsnet in 2016.

The Team

The team consists of experts on power systems, mathematics, optimization, software architecture and software development. They have several years of experience in software development, analysis and risk management of the power system.

Arne Brufladt Svendsen


M.Sc in Electrical Power engineering

Arne has a M.Sc. in Electrical Power engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology from 2002. Arne’s main focus has since 2004 been the development of the risk and reliability methodology for complex power system regularity studies and for for the analysis tool Promaps, the last 5 years the development of Promaps Realtime including weather influence and commercialization of the technology.

Main interest: by use of extensive simulation getting better insights into the inherent property of power system. Use this insight to calibrate power system decisions.

Ingrid Honve

Lead Scientific Programmer

M.Sc in Informatics

Ingrid has a master in Optimization from the University of Bergen from 2002.

Ingrid has worked 10 years as a researcher at SINTEF Energy AS, developing decision tools for production planning. The last four years Ingrid has been working as a Senior Consultant at Webstep AS as part of the Promaps Realtime development team, first at Goodtech and then Promaps Technology AS

Trond Tollefsen

Lead Methodologist

M.Sc in Cybernetics

Trond has a M.Sc. in Cybernetics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology from 2009.

Trond has since 2009 worked with development of the Promaps methodology. He has also responsible for the developed Promaps Opra, a software package for risk assessments of flare systems.

Trond's area of expertise is reliability assessment methodology and developing of novel mathematical algorithms.

Martin Groh

Martin Groh

Lead System Architect

B.Sc in Informatic

Martin has a background in programming and systems design from HiB, and University of Bergen.

Martin has since 2004 had several positions as lead programmer and head of development. In where he has been responsible for design and implementation for a variety of systems, spanning from industrial robots control to power-plant data distribution.

Martin has been involved in the development of Promaps since 2011.

Terje Gjengedal

Terje Gjengedal

Professor UIT

Power systems

Terje got his Phd in 1987, and then became a researcher and associate professor at NTH. He has been a professor at NTNU, Narvik University College, the University of Agder and at the NMBU at Ås. He has been guest lecturer at the University of Minnesota and employed as senior researcher in ABB. Previously, Terje has been in charge of Statkraft's development department for hydro- and wind power. He has been R&D Director of Statnett and CEO of SFE. He is now a professor at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway.

Kristján Pétursson

Kristján Pétursson

Lead Power System Analyst

M.Sc in Electrical Power engineering

Kristján Pétursson has a over 10 years of experiances with power system modeling and analysis. Focusing on Load flow, transient, stability & harmonic, risk and reliability.

Prior to joining the Promaps Technology team, Kristján has broad experiance working with Promas Software from his time at Goodtech.

He has an B.Sc.E.E, Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark, and a Masters degree from DTU - Technical University of Denmark.

The Board

The board consists of highly experienced and talented business leaders and entrepreneurs. The composition of board members contributes to the necessary experience and “know how” to guide the company to our goal of international commercial success.

Erik Bøckmann

Chair of the board

Erik Bøckmann is chair of the board of Promaps Technology AS. He has held many leader and board positions within the business sector, specially within energy, finance and real estate companies. Today he is partner in Vest Corporate Advisors AS in Bergen. He also have the position of being chair of the Foundation Akvariet, of the Impact Hub and board member in the Norwegian Climate Foundation. Erik has earlier been the CEO of Bergen Energi and of Vestenfjelske Bykreditt and chair of the board at The Bergen Chamber of Commerce, Bara Eiendom AS and Legat- and Stiftelsesforvaltning AS.

Terje Moe

Member of the board

Terje Moe is board member of Promaps Technology AS. He has held many leader and board positions within the business sector, specially finance and business case analysis. Today he is partner in Vest Corporate Advisors AS in Bergen. He also have the position of being chair of the Eiken Byggservice AS, Aqua & Care AS and Moly AS.

Terje has earlier been partner at Shape Consulting and partner in MRS group. Terje has also earlier held the CEF position at SAS hotel Bryggen in Bergen.

John Fredrik Hatling

Member of the board

John Fredrik Hatling is the Regional Manager of Goodtech AS in Bergen with overall responsibility also for Goodtech Power which will be part of Goodtech As from 1st Nov 2017. John Fredrik has been working as executive manager in the Marin industry for more than 10 years with operations, engineering and project management in an international environment. Before joining Goodtech he held the position as Vice President in TTS Solution and General manager in TTS Poland.

Therese Gjerde

Member of the board

Therese Gjerde has 11 years of experience from European power and gas markets. She is currently Director of Supply operations EMEA in Kinect Energy Group, a subsidiary of World Fuel Services. Previously she was Vice President Spot at Bergen Energi AS. She also holds a position in Nord Pool Spot advisory board and EPEX Spot Exchange council and is currently Chairman of the board in Mosoft/MobileWorker.

Johan Fredrik Odfjell

Deputy board member

Johan Fredrik Odfjell has had several important positions in Norwegian businesses. From 1986 to 1989 he was CEO of the Vesta-gruppen A/S, after leading Investa from 1980. In 1989 to 1994 he was Executive Vice President of Skandia Group. In 2003 he was chairman of Nera ASA and Norges Handels og Sjøfartstidende (NHST). In addition, he was in the board of Bergesen d.y. and deputy chairman of Det Norske Veritas. He has also been a board member at Den Nationale Scene, and the listed company Roxar. He was previously Chairman of Amersham, Nycomed, IF P & C Insurance, Star Shipping, UMOE and J. Martens, and board member of the Senter for Samfunns- og næringslivsforskning.

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Promaps Technology sponsors EPCC 2019

Promaps Technology participated on Arctic Frontiers congress in Tromsø the 23rd of January 2019.

Promaps Technology signes contract with Equinor, 9th of November 2018

Promaps Technology AS signing Intention agreement with Helgeland Kraft, 8 October 2018.

Dalane Energi Nett AS signs leasing contract for Promaps Realtime, 7th of May 2018

Skagerak Nett AS signs leasing contract for Promaps Realtime, 4th of May 2018

Lloyd's Register foundation article and our collaboration opportunities, 28th of April 2018

Lloyd's Register is entering into strategic alliance with Promaps Technology, 25th of April 2018

TrønderEnergi Nett signs leasing contract for Promaps Realtime, 24th of April 2018

CORDIS releases a Result summary of GARPUR, 6 April 2018

NTE signs leasing contract for Promaps Realtime, 2nd of March 2018

Promaps Technology AS is nominated for Norway's Smartest Industrial Corporation 2018, 28. February 2018

Promaps Technology submits paper to the ESREL June 2018 conference in Trondheim, 13. February 2018

Promaps Technology release Promaps Dashboard solution to Hafslund, 6. February 2018

Promaps Technology AS signing Intention agreement with Lyse Elnett for regarding test installation of Promaps Realtime at Lyse Elnett, 20 December 2017.

Promaps Technology attends the final Garpur conference in Brussels, 18 October 2017

Recharge Leader Thought Summit, Holmenkollen 28, September 2017 27, September 2017

Promaps Realtime User Groupe at Landsnet, Iceland 26-28 April 2017


Promaps Technology, Landsnet and Reykjavik University publish paper in SAGE journals, 13. March 2017

Promaps Realtime nominated to the SPIR award 20, February 2017

RE-WORK & New Scientist: Reinventing Energy Summit, London 25. November 2016

In the media

Promaps has gotten some media attention the last couple of years. From rewards for innovative concepts to articles about how Promaps is used in real-life. If you follow the links you will find both articles about us and papers published by us.


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